Horse hair hitching is an old technique which originated among the cowboys. However, the work was done by prisoners since it is very time-consuming and these people did have the time needed.
The horse hair is formed in a special knotting and braiding technique.

Horse hair hitching is very time-consuming and a finished object (e.g. a belt) requires approx. 5,000 hair strands and approx. 35,000 knots. Important virtues for this work are creativity, a feeling for colours, precision and endurance. Every finished object is unique due to colouring, different patterns and craftsmanship.

10 hair are knotted and then twisted. The resulting strands of approx. 30cm are worked around a stick in a tubular manner. The finished object is soaked and reworked to make it evenly ductile. Subsequently protruding hair is cut off and finally the object is removed from the stick.

The patterns are formed by hair strands of different colours, which are also died, if required. The surface structure of the hair remains and provides a wonderful shiny appearance.


Hitched horse hair can be formed into bracelets, chains, earrings or parts of head-collars, bridles, dog-collars, belts and many other items.

Horse hair is an unusually versatile and exclusive material. It is robust and natural as well as noble and smooth.

I saw this type of horse hair art at a fair for the first time. I was thrilled and tried it myself. The first pieces were simply braided until I learnt more about hitching. From then on, I was infected by the hitch virus.

Have a look at my work and be captivated by the beauty of the pieces. Of course, I will be pleased to work with the hair from your horse according to your wishes.