frequently asked questions

How much hair do you need?
- For a bracelet: the length has to be at least 40 cm. All hair has to be equally thick like a pencil.
- For a necklace: the length has to be at least 60 cm. All hair has to be equally thick like a pencil.
- For a ring or ear ring: the length has to be at least 30 cm. All hair has to be equally thick, but a little bit thinner than a pencil.
- For a tassel: the length has to be as long as possible. Preferably you use the hair of the mane and it has to be as thick as a ball pen.
- Basically: the more hair I have, the better I can chose the healthy and equal ones.

How long does the process of the fabrication take?
- At the current order situation the waiting period depends on the work and the quantity. The waiting time will be at least 6 weeks, after receiving the hair AND the amount.

How can I pay?
- The goods will only be sent out against prepayment. Please understand that for special desires (which require special material) I will wait for the amount until I will order the material. Therefore, the processing time can be a little bit longer.

Can I express special desires?
- Of course you can express special desires! There are no limits to your imagination and I am looking forward to realize your personal wishes and imaginations in a personal piece of jewelry. But as special desires always mean a longer process of fabrication, I have to adjust the price in this case and depending on the order situation the processing time can be a little bit longer. Therefore, please contact me in advance, to clarify the price and open questions.

How do I know the correct length?
- For a bracelet you measure the girth of your wrist and add 2-2.5 cm.
- For a necklace I recommend a very close measure. The girth of your neck plus about 5 cm produces a loose but not hanging sit on your neck.

Can I let the jewelry be changed, if it does not fit properly?
- Yes and no. It is like with hair: if it is cut, it is cut. You can always shorten the hair, but you cannot prolong it. In this case, I have to re-braid it. With jewelry with real silver or buckles of real gold I can use the buckles again. With coated buckles, I have to make a completely new jewelry. The shortening costs from 10 € on (plus dispatch), but in this case, please contact me, as I partly have to use new buckles, which means that it can be a little bit more expensive. If I made a mistake in the process of fabrication, the change is of course for free.

What is the best way to cut the hair?
- The healthiest hair you will find directly at the root of the hair. We know it from our hair: at the beginning of the roots, the hair is greasy and at the end of the roots you have split ends. It is also the same with horses. You can see it when the end of the tail of a black horse shines red. And you cannot remove the yellow touch which you have at the end of the tail of a white horse. The structure of the hair is disturbed there and dirt particles can get inside of the hair and cannot be washed out anymore. To work with split and unhealthy hair can lead to a breaking of the hair inside of the jewelry. Therefore, I always recommend using hair from the root of the hair and from the middle of the tail. Then optically you do not have any gaps or layers in the tail.
Can I also send hair of the mane?
- If the hair of the mane is long enough, I can make tassels out of it. For rings, bracelets and necklaces, the mane is not suitable as most of the time it is not long enough and it is not as robust as the hair of the tail.

Shell I wash the hair?
- No. It is better to receive the hair absolutely dry.

What happens with the archived hair?
- I can archive the remaining hair which I do not use. The hair will be put in a plastic sheet, with the name of the customer on it and will then be closed. I will only use this hair again, if the customer requires again any jewelry. I do NOT use the hair from a particular customer for other jewelries! Please understand that I will throw away the hair after one year, if I do not get any further order.